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 scleral tunnel incision:The kongsap technique is manual small incision cataract surgery. It can be performed via clear corneal incision or scleral tunnel incision. kongsap technique:This is sutureless ECCE with foldable IOL. It's manual only and do not required Phaco machine. More details in ... Ophthalmology:Mitomycin C Trabeculectomy for Treatment of Glaucoma (8:57) Iris Metal FB removal : Prof: Daljit Singh
The Kongsap manual phacofragmentation Prechop MPF Prechop MPF using Wiriyaluppa chopper
This technique is the modification of prechop manual phacofragmentation by Dr.Cheocharn Wiriyaluppa,MD. Wiriyaluppa choppers are made from 2 ... The nylon loop technique :was closed with one stitch suture.The full paper can be reached at Asian journal of Ophthalmology,vol4,no4,2006. ... kongsap SICS MPF nylon loop ...